Thursday July 24 , 2014

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Is Pencil'em easy to set up?

The Pencil'em set up process is simple and takes less than an hour for most users. After you register you will be invited to schedule a one on one phone consultation with a "Pencil'em Pro" that will explain the Pencil'em Interface and how to get your account set up. It doesn't get any easier!

What does it cost?

Pricing at Pencil'em is simple and straight forward. To book appointments for a single user, it's $14.95 p/ month. No hidden charges or up front costs. If Pencil'em saves you even one missed appointment (and it will), you will have more than paid for the software. The Multiple User License costs just $59.95 and supports up to 20 users!

Can I accept appointments online?

With Pencil'em you get your own custom URL to give to your clients that will enable them to book their appointments with you online. Pencil'em takes care of making sure your not double booked, and alerts you to new appointments so you can confirm them. This feature is a huge time saver and one that your clients are sure to love! This feature is currently in BETA testing and will be released soon.

Are their limits to how many appointments I can book?

Nope. Book as many appointments as you need, as far in advance as you like. Use our recurring appointment feature to book up to one years worth of appointments in just a few clicks! Pencil'em also manages your schedule and ensures you won't be double booked!

What if I don't have a computer at work?

If you are like most users, you probably don't have a computer at your booth, or in your shop. That's OK! Pencil'em Mobile brings the power of the web to the palm of your hand. Access your appointments from any web enabled device with Pencil'em Mobile.

Will this help me avoid client no-shows?

Absolutely! Pencil'em automates the process of sending confirmations and reminders via email so your clients know you are expecting them. Your no show rates will drop, and your business will grow!

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"I am SOOO HAPPY that I found your company thru the hair show in Vegas... You guys are the BEST and I am ALWAYS anxious to see the next blog to see what is new... I even use it on my phone!"

Ryan J. Wendy K. in Arizona

"Pencil'em fits into my studio management perfectly and ensures my clients show up when they're scheduled to. Simple, functional, and profitable: it's that easy"

Ryan J. Ryan J. in California

"Pencil'em Scheduling software is incredibly easy to use and has increased my sales in the first month of use! It's great!"

Ryan J. Wendy G. in California